The New Normal...

Hi there, I know it’s been awhile and I promise to do better. 
The year is 2020 and it’s the end of July and we are in a full blown pandemic. What does that even mean and who would have thought it? It’s surreal, and overwhelming and just plain crazy to think about. It doesn’t seem real at all, like it’s some bad dream and yet it feels more unreal everyday. 
The economy sucks, it’s an election year, most people are scared to go outside for fears of contracting covid-19 but yet some don’t care and proceed as if nothing is wrong. Masks must be worn outside and in public places, always have your hand sanitizer close by, scrub down when you come back inside. It’s hard to wrap my head around it but is this our new normal? You know, all of the normal things now that we used to take for granted are now in question.
I’ve been working from home since the end of March, except for one day back in early June. Early March seems like forever ago, and yesterday seems like weeks ago.
To be continued….


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